Electrifying Your Style - A New Age of Men’s Fashion

Think men’s fashion. What first comes to mind?

In a business casual environment, one will most likely imagine the stereotypical male ensemble of black or khaki dress pants, a single-colored or plaid button-up dress shirt, a non-descript tie, black dress shoes, and black dress socks.

It’s a formulaic dress code: bland and unimaginative, but still universally accepted and recurrent in offices nationwide.

With that said, the times are undeniably changing.

Our culture has begun to stress the importance of individuality. Consequently, men nationwide are beginning to realize that it’s not just enough to look spiffy. Sure, wearing the “uniform” of a business casual man can get them by, but what conforming blindly does not do, however, is allow them to properly convey their own unique identity.

Arrive at a meeting or function wearing the “uniform” previously discussed, and the message you undeniably send is a dismal one: I am just like every other man you will meet.

Now, let’s say you show up instead in a colorful dress shirt with coordinating socks in colorful prints, vivid hues, and graphic patterns. You suddenly send a much different message to others: there’s no one out there quite like me.

In a work environment dishearteningly inundated with the dreary and repetitive, you have to make a statement. Use your dress to outwardly project your own internal identity inherent to you and you only. By doing so, you make yourself stand apart from the cavalcades of other men just like you.

Without a doubt, the trend toward distinction in men’s dress clothing is becoming increasingly commonplace. No longer is it enough to simply go along with the herd. CEO’s want employees with passion, creativity, and a special spark. They want people who can think for themselves and are ready to become the innovative leaders of tomorrow.

There used to be a time where homogeny was advantageous. We have long left that era behind, however, and are instead commencing a brave new age of men’s fashion where men can now wear their uniqueness proudly on their sleeves.