Happy Socktober!


Like an overstuffed sock drawer, our warehouse is filled to capacity. It's full of outdated styles, unsold inventory, and samples.  Just a few weeks ago, as we were squeezing our way through the endless maze of boxes in the warehouse, we said that we should really look to donating some of this surplus to the homeless and those in need. 


Socks are one of the most frequently requested items by shelters and often overlooked when people make donations.  According to The Homeless Guy blog, "of all clothing items, socks get the most wear and tear and become filthy the fastest.  And without the means to keep their clothing washed, socks need to be discarded most often.   If not, the health of homeless people's feet quickly deteriorate" 


Not long after our discussion about our overstock, #socktober shows up in our twitter feed.  Curious, we clicked on the link and found that Socktober is the brainchild of Kid President - the spunky kid who has made his mark on the internet with his presidential style youtube videos.   Socktober is a campaign to get people to donate socks and other much needed goods to the homeless.  Perfect!  We made a few calls to local shelters in our area who happily said they would love some new socks and we began packing up boxes and boxes and boxes of socks. 



Yesterday, we packed up our cars and dropped off our donations to two local shelters: Hope House Ministries in Port Jefferson and Haven House Bridges in Brentwood.  Both shelters cater to families in need on Long Island and were very pleased to receive boxes and boxes of brand new socks. 




You don't need to have a whole warehouse filled with extra socks to participate in #socktober. Every little bit helps and every donation is greatly appreciated. As the weather gets colder these donations, both big and small, will go a long way in helping those in need. So this weekend maybe grab some of those extra pairs bursting out of your sock drawer and give back!  For more info on Socktober click here: http://soulpancake.com/socktober/  and to find local shelters in your area click here:  http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/


Hope House Ministries, Founded in 1980