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Happy Socktober!

  Like an overstuffed sock drawer, our warehouse is filled to capacity. It's full of outdated styles, unsold inventory, and samples.  Just a few weeks ago, as we were squeezing our way through the endless maze of boxes in the warehouse, we said that we should really look to donating some of this surplus to the homeless and those in need.    Socks are one of the most frequently requested items by shelters and often overlooked when people make donations.  According to The Homeless Guy blog, "of all clothing items, socks get the most wear and tear and become filthy the fastest.  And without the means to keep their clothing washed, socks need to be discarded most often.   If not,...

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Electrifying Your Style - A New Age of Men’s Fashion

Think men’s fashion. What first comes to mind? In a business casual environment, one will most likely imagine the stereotypical male ensemble of black or khaki dress pants, a single-colored or plaid button-up dress shirt, a non-descript tie, black dress shoes, and black dress socks. It’s a formulaic dress code: bland and unimaginative, but still universally accepted and recurrent in offices nationwide. With that said, the times are undeniably changing. Our culture has begun to stress the importance of individuality. Consequently, men nationwide are beginning to realize that it’s not just enough to look spiffy. Sure, wearing the “uniform” of a business casual man can get them by, but what conforming blindly does not do, however, is allow them to...

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Welcome to the new Lorenzo Uomo

  Welcome.  We're glad you're here. We're excited to be here too.   We're breaking from the ordinary with new prints, patterns, and styles.  We'll be adding new products frequently, so come back often.  In the meantime, explore our site, shop around and let us know what you think.  

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