Crafting of the Perfect Merino Wool Sock

How did we create the world’s most comfortable year-round merino wool sock?  We start with the best yarn in the world: a gorgeous, smooth and rich merino wool yarn, spun in Italy.  These yarns are naturally moisture-wicking and unlike most wool yarns, are machine washable and dryable!    

Color takes to wool in a unique and incredible way—no other yarns—not even cottons—translate tones in the elegant yet simple way that merino wool does—enhancing the beauty of earth tones and heather colors like no other yarn.  The socks look as though they’re painted on.

We then gave it a high-tech edge—incorporating “compression” into the construction—the same technology that goes into our high performance sport socks.  The combination of these ingredients and our Italian know-how results in the absolute perfect sock and a sock drawer’s “absolute must-have.”  Simply the best merino sock in the world.

Our Merino 2X Ribbed sock combines compression technology with the most comfortable merino wool, resulting in the most advanced sock, and a sock drawer “must have”.


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