How ‘Bout That

Introducing the Lorenzo Uomo® Sustainable Sock Collection—our “Environmentalist Dream”—which furthers our dream of erasing our carbon footprint.  This has been one of our most rewarding initiatives.

We researched the perfect yarn for this job—a European yarn that combines (a) Recycled European cotton excess fabrics and (b) polyester made from the reprocessing of plastic bottles, including those from landfills and oceans.  A marriage made in heaven!

Imagine our surprise, and absolute pleasure, when these yarns came out smoother, softer and airier than what we imagined.  Processed and spun by our exclusive yarns spinners, the fibers are expertly twisted with the optimal tension.  The socks are beautifully lofty, and surprisingly soft and durable. 

We have incorporated our exclusive sports-sock “compression” into this sock to enhance the fit.  The result is the perfect casual sock at a very friendly price!  The combination of these ingredients and our Italian know-how results in the absolute perfect “Clear Conscience Sock”.   Your feet will be humming “…under the Sea” all day long!


Items from our Recycled Sock Collection:
3 PACK RECYCLED COTTON SOCK IN OLIVEv3-Pack Recycled Cotton Sock in Olive ($25)