About Us



Lorenzo Uomo is rooted in a decades’ long passion to create the perfect shirt–one built on impeccable Italian style and New World innovative techniques.

Already established in their banking and real estate careers, Larry Khazzam and Joel Ainatchi did the unthinkable at a time when start-ups were not part of the vernacular… they left. “I took a trip to Italy,” Larry recalls, “and was struck by the sheer force of creativity, and perfectionism–down to every detail, even their socks. The incredible natural beauty of Liguria, Tuscany and the Mediterranean were infused into all aspects of the culture. I knew at once I wanted to do something tangible, something that brought the extraordinary to everyday life.”

Collaborations with the best Italian artisans were forged and Lorenzo Uomo was born. In time, the most respected specialty stores flocked to carry Lorenzo Uomo's socks, men’s underwear and shirts. Lorenzo Uomo became known for its unsurpassed quality yet reasonable prices.

A decade later, the demand for the dress shirts became so overwhelming that Lorenzo Uomo had to find new ways to keep up. A move to Asia was inevitable, as the cost of producing shirts in Italy could not keep up with the demand and became cost prohibitive. But not until Larry and Joel could figure out how to maintain –and even surpass– the quality they first forged in Italy. “We never want to lose touch with our customers,“ Larry says, “why charge more when we can charge less and offer the same quality shirt?” 

“In order to ensure perfection," Joel said, "we built a completely vertical approach and oversaw every step of the process–from yarn spinning to fabric production, to the sewing and finishing. This was the only way to replicate our years of Italian know-how and move the process to the Far East.” They sought out factories that conformed to their exacting quality and ethical standards and set about to implement old age Italian techniques. “We had to modify their way of doing things,” Larry adds, “We spent a considerable time and effort on hand-crafting Italian quality shirt patterns, teaching how to sew buttons, and how to stitch shoulders. In many ways creating an even more refined shirt than those that come out of Italy today.” Something that no other brand has been able to achieve to this day.

Beyond quality, the allure of Italy is deep rooted in the Lorenzo Uomo aesthetic. “Our trips to the region are probably even more frequent now,” Larry says, “We have our ears very close to the ground in Italy developing our socks. And this allows us to adapt traditional elements to the way of life today.We’ve always been drawn to simplicity; the freedom and open space of the Mediterranean, the calming blues of seas, the warmth of the sand. Everything is just about the essentials, nothing is processed. This is what drives the Mediterranean way of life. This is what makes the ordinary extraordinary."