Craftsmanship-The Making of a Perfect Shirt



An impeccable shirt is only possible as a result of a myriad "right" decisions at every step of the process. The result is unsurpassed value and enduring quality.



It all begins with creating the most luxurious shirting fabric in the world. Fabric is the critical ingredient in the making of a perfect shirt–without it, none of the other steps matter.

Unlike so many other shirt makers, we drive every step of our fabric production–from the sourcing of long staple cotton raw material, yarn spinning, design to weaving. It is a process we've honed meticulously over many years.

The result is a shirt with an extremely high density weave found only in very expensive, high luxury shirts–allowing for intricate patterns and softness against your skin.



Every minute detail of each Lorenzo Uomo shirt has been calibrated to create perfect proportions.

Each collar shape has been carefully thought through to be perfectly balanced with each shirt. The weight of the placket and placement of the second button is "just right" to ensure that, when worn open, the collar is not too saggy and not too stiff.

Every fit is meticulously refined and thought out to blend modern elegance with maximum movement and comfort.

The result is a shirt that exudes quality and sophistication.


Every Lorenzo Uomo shirt employs single needle stitching, which is a hallmark of a luxury, high-end shirt. Every stitch is perfect; if it is not, it gets discarded by our strict quality control.

The result is a cleaner, more elegant shirt that lasts longer–at a value that is unsurpassed.


Even the selection of the button –from the material, color, number of holes, and accent thread– is a lengthy and deliberate process. The art is to blend the criteria that brings out the personality and character of each shirt.

The buttons are then sewn on neatly and meticulously, ensuring that they stay on for the life of the shirt.

The result is a shirt that is perfect from the ground up.