Making of Socks

The year was 1991.  The engines in the sock world were just starting to fire up for a big change.  The tide was turning away from centuries of solid black socks and the appetite was growing for socks as a fashion statement.  That was the niche we were after when we turned on the lights at Lorenzo Uomo®, and our goal was to inspire people to move beyond their comfort zone.  When the first sock produced by Lorenzo Uomo came off the machine, we never imagined that we would one day become one of the most innovative sock producers in the world. 

We are proud to be the #1 aspirational brand in the industry, constantly innovating, searching for the new technique--sometimes even employing yarns in a way that they were not originally intended.  

Always at the forefront, we use only the most exclusive yarns--such as the finest Merino Wools, Ombre gradient-dyes, ultra-supple Linens, and the softest cashmere yarn in the world—and craft them into socks that are uniquely expressive.

Shown above: Softest Merino Socks in Light Purple, Light Grey, Black, Amethyst and Abisso ($13), Merino Wool Rugby Space Dye Sock in Purple, Taupe and Red ($14) and our Supple Italian Linen Solid Rib Sock in Purple ($16)

We inject color into everything we do to give a fashion flair, with timeless elegance.  With all our products, the devil is in the details.  We can go all out with color in our DiPedarius® collection, or just might tip a sock with a ¼” contrast yarn, just for fun.  Or even come up with the sock with the perfect gradient effect. 

Shown above: "Love Me Forever" Sock in Purple ($18)

We also created the world’s most comfortable year-round merino wool sock, by “tinkering” with a combination of innovative yarns and technical know-how. 

Shown above: Merino 2X Rib Sock in Taupe, Brown and Black ($12)

Our Merino 2X Ribbed sock combines compression technology with the most comfortable merino wool, resulting in the most advanced sock, and a sock drawer “must have”.


We also introduced the most comfortable cross-train sports sock in the world.  Made with Coolmax® moisture-wicking yarn, we have incorporated high tech yarns with compression technology.  Featuring baby terry support in the foot, arch grips where needed, and a high heel for ultra-comfort.  Simply the best.

3-Pack Sport Socks Mid-Calf With Red/White/Blue Toe Stripes with Coolmax®
Shown above: 3-Pack Sport Socks Mid-Calf with Red/White/Blue Toe Stripes with Coolmax® ($18)