The Pajama® Story

The Pajama® Story

We are proud to introduce our Perfect Pajama® collection, for him and her: an exquisite ultra-luxurious airy pajama made of the finest, pure cottons on the planet. The dreamy fabric stretches in every direction, enabling the natural flow of movement during sleep. 


We spend a third of our lives in bed (or certainly strive to!)  Sleep is absolutely everything.  We just don’t get the right quality of sleep because regular pajamas are too restrictive and stiff, often folding and bunching in wrong places.  The fabric we created for this collection was a result of 2 years of research and development.  There is no smoother, airier, pure cotton pajama in the world. 


Imagine being free to dream and to sleep the most delicious, restful sleep of all! 

women's supima cotton pajama set in navy sitting with 100% cashmere blanket sitting on the floor

Women's® Cotton Long Sleep Top & Bottom Pajama Set in Navy ($145)

men's knitwear pajama set

The Perfect Men's Pajama Set in Light Blue Print ($135)